Music of Silent Isle featured on Everything Is Stories

Everything Is Stories is “an ongoing audio survey of individuals who have experienced transcendence and/or power of the will.” I’m a big admirer of their documentary work with audio, from the stories they choose to engage, to the way they creatively employ experimental sounds to support their narratives. So I am excited to announce that episode 18, “These Executions,” features excerpts from RES/URU/SER and Surrounding the Dragon alongside Michelle Lyons’s recollections of her experiences as a witness of death row executions in Huntsville, Texas. You can stream the episode for free, below.

RES/URU/SER now available as a digital download

As promised, Silent Isle’s most recent album, RES/URU/SER, is now available as a digital download through bandcamp.

If you like tapes, you can still purchase the tape through ((Cave))—but I felt it was important to make this listening option available for people who don’t collect tapes. It’s a strange time to be a physical format…

Any proceeds from sales of the digital download collected through October 6 will be donated to The Silent Barn’s current fundraising efforts, which will aid in post-fire recovery of this beloved/crucial Brooklyn venue and community space.

RES/URU/SER C-36 now available from ((Cave))

Silent Isle’s third full length and first trio release, RES/URU/SER, became available September 15, 2015 via ((Cave)) Recordings out of San Francisco, CA. The 36-minute cassette is a part of their autumn batch, alongside tapes by Paul Hares and Berber Ox. Copies can be purchased from the label’s online store. Digital release to follow soon.

Photo courtesy of ((Cave)) Recordings

Silent Isle’s “Unreeled” on Fabrica Records Compilation “You Are Welcome Here”

An as-yet-unreleased Silent Isle track, “Unreeled”,” is one of 28 tracks on a Fabrica Records digital compilation released to benefit the ongoing refugee crisis overseas. From Fabrica: “All funds raised from purchases of this album will be donated to the International Rescue Committee to help support their work providing immediate assistance to refugees in Europe, including Greece, and to displaced people in Iraq, Yemen, and in other crisis zones around the world… We want anyone and everyone to be able to download this compilation but please consider making a suggested donation of $5.00 or more.”

Announcing: Silent Isle’s RES/URU/SER Release Show

res-uru-ser release show flyer

Sunday, July 26
113 Stockholm Street 1A
Brooklyn, NY 11221

with performances by:

Silent Isle​ (trio) + Megan Moncrief​ (visuals)
CAGES (Buffalo, NY)
Ursula Kennedy​
addt’l visuals by Vlady Voz Tokk​


SILENT ISLE is the stretched-out songwriting vessel of Anastasia Clarke, in which she ponders and seeks the healing potentials of human vibrational expression. For this performance, she will be joined by recurrent collaborators Russ Alderson and Sandy Gordon to reinterpret the songlines and intentions of their 2013 recording, RES/URU/SER. Megan Moncrief (Lazurite) will provide a visual counterpart to the music.

The concert is a celebration of RES/URU/SER‘s digital and cassette release by the San Francisco-based label ((Cave)) Recordings, which will be available in July 2015.

999REVERSUS is the solo performance act of New York native Amanda Salane, in which she realizes a fully-embodied movement and vocal ritual that traverses through wide dynamic terrain. Uplifting and real.

CAGES (Buffalo, NY) is David Bailey and Nola Ranallo, joined for their present tour by cellist TJ Borden. From the Black Dots label on CAGES’ most recent album, Vivipary: “CAGES has existed in one form or another for a decade, growing into a cohesive and undefinable act. ‘Avant-garde post-noise’ or ‘experimental neo-folk:’ we’re not so sure. In lieu of descriptive precision, this is music not to be classified or pigeon-holed. . . . Recorded in 2012 and lying dormant until now, Vivipary is the band’s defining output to date. As instrumentally alluring as it is aggressive, vocally haunting, and engaging, this record is an all-consuming listening experience.”

URSULA KENNEDY is cathartic howling, wading through treacherous squalls of love and oblivion accompanied by contrapuntal guitar pulses. Influences include, Beth Gibbons, Michael Gira and Siouxsie Sioux. Ursula Kennedy is the solo music project of Detroit-born artist Martha Ursula Moszczynski.

MEGAN MONCRIEF is a Brooklyn based musician and visual artist, known for her solo music performances as Lazurite. She has recently appeared in the performance duo Beuys Club with Jackie Du, and has been a participating musician during Kate Henderson’s Auditory Driving & Acupuncture sessions.

VLADY VOZ TOKK is a founder of Torus_porta and 1/2 of the performance duo Wild Torus. He will provide imagery and vibes throughout the evening.