Anastasia Clarke

sonic arts, composition & performance


August 27
Secret Project Robot
Brooklyn, NY
with Eve Maret (TN), Laughing God, Crystal Penalosa

September 22
Weirdwick Festival at The Glove
Brooklyn, NY

—earlier in 2018 –

June 19
Panoply Lab
Solo performance of Self/Work
with I’d M Thfft Able + Ben Bennett, Lorene Bouboushian, Chloe Alexandra (PDX), Axine M. 

June 16
Ridgewood, NY
Duo with Ginny Benson
with Matt Robidoux (OAK), Octonomy + Michael Glen, Wren Kitz, Carrie Ford (PHL)

June 10


Ridgewood, NY

with Lief Hall, Kayla Guthrie, Holy Hum, DJ Martina

June 7

Black Iris

Richmond, VA

with Crystal Penalosa + TBA

June 6

Bridge Progressive Arts

Charlottesville, VA

with Crystal Penalosa + Rachel Austin

June 5

Art Rat Studios

Roanoke, VA

with Crystal Penalosa, Wayne Llywelyn

June 3-6

NIME at Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA

Self/Work's Therapy Games: Scene for a Human-Sized Instrument-Controller

June 1

Sandymush, NC

House Show

with Crystal Penalosa, Sprouse

May 31

House Show

Little Rock, AR

with Crystal Penalosa, Soft Contact, Wombglow

May 25


Santa Fe, NM

with Crystal Penalosa + Theo Schaeffer/Angelo Harmsworth

May 19

VAMP Vintage

Oakland, CA

with Crystal Penalosa

April 30
OFJS Presents @ Studio Grand
Oakland, CA
Guest vocals with Monopiece

April 12–13
Dinner for #
Jennifer Gerry’s Mills Dance MFA thesis performance
Little Lisser Theater @ Mills College
Oakland, CA

March 8
Mills MFA thesis performance
Signal Flow Festival
Littlefield Concert Hall @ Mills College
Oakland, CA

January 14
12-Hour Drone (11pm-midnight slot)
H0L0, Ridgewood, NY