Anastasia Clarke

sonic arts, composition & performance


I give dramatic electronic music performances. The drama of my performances unfolds through the interplay of symbols of archetypes, which emerge from relationships between my electronic instruments and the bodies that activate them. In these performances, I strive to embody and share a listening that attends to a synthesis of aural, visual, and kinesthetic streams of information. Worded/unworded speech, movement/gesture, and acoustic/electronic sounds are used to articulate this listening. Stories then unfold as integrated sensory experiences. I use storytelling to evoke empathy, and to awaken the inner voice that calls for action and resistance.


Anastasia Clarke (b. 1987, New York) is an American artist working in music, dance, theater, performance, and performing systems design. She lives variably in New York City and Oakland, CA; and is a current 2018 MFA candidate in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College. She has recorded and released music with the projects Silent Isle, Middle Grey, and Clarke/Gordon duo, and designed sound for Boom Bat Gesture, Mechanism Dance Theater, and Jennifer Gerry. Recent projects take the form of multimedia performances that forge active relationships between custom electronics and the body.

Anastasia Clarke performing at Confetti Machine Festival, Outpost Artists Resources, Ridgewood, NY. Photographs: Verónica Puche