Anastasia Clarke | AC Diamond

electronic music, performance, teaching, sound design, +++


December 8
Talk at School for Poetic Computation
You Do (it) You(rself):
Personal And Social Narratives of System Design in Electronic Arts
Anastasia Clarke / Bonnie Jones / Asha Tamirisa
presented by Ezra Teboul &
155 Bank St.
New York, NY

December 1
Solo Performance at Noise Round Table
Secret Project Robot
Brooklyn, NY

November 18
Talk at New Women Space
Brooklyn, NY
part of Sound Bodies//Sound Spaces
presented by WISE (Women Innovating Sound Experiences)

October 24
WORK Series at Muchmore’s
Brooklyn, NY

October 18
Areté Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
Duo performance with Rachel Austin
with Sontag Shogun, Christopher Tignor

September 7
Wonders of Nature
Brooklyn, NY
Duo with Sandy Gordon

September 15
Dave’s Waves Sonic Restaurant
@ Sunview Luncheonette
Acoustic duo with Crystal Penalosa

August 27
Secret Project Robot
Brooklyn, NY
Solo performance
with Eve Maret (TN), Laughing God, Crystal Penalosa

July 19
Panoply Lab
Solo performance of Self/Work
with I’d M Thfft Able + Ben Bennett, Lorene Bouboushian, Chloe Alexandra (PDX), Axine M.

July 16
Ridgewood, NY
Duo with Ginny Benson
with Matt Robidoux (OAK), Octonomy + Michael Glen, Wren Kitz, Carrie Ford (PHL)

June 10
H0L0Ridgewood, NYwith Lief Hall, Kayla Guthrie, Holy Hum, DJ Martina

June 7
Black IrisRichmond, VAwith Crystal Penalosa + TBA

June 6
Bridge Progressive Arts
Charlottesville, VA
with Crystal Penalosa + Rachel Austin

June 5
Art Rat Studios
Roanoke, VA
with Crystal Penalosa, Wayne Llywelyn

June 3-6
NIME at Virginia TechBlacksburg, VA
Self/Work's Therapy Games: Scene for a Human-Sized Instrument-Controller

June 1
Sandymush, NC
House Showwith Crystal Penalosa, Sprouse

May 31
House Show
Little Rock, AR
with Crystal Penalosa, Soft Contact, Wombglow

May 25
Santa Fe, NM
with Crystal Penalosa + Theo Schaeffer/Angelo Harmsworth

May 19
VAMP Vintage
Oakland, CA
with Crystal Penalosa

April 30
OFJS Presents @ Studio Grand
Oakland, CA
Guest vocals with Monopiece

April 12–13
Dinner for #
Jennifer Gerry’s Mills Dance MFA thesis performance
Little Lisser Theater @ Mills College
Oakland, CA

March 8
Mills MFA thesis performance
Signal Flow Festival
Littlefield Concert Hall @ Mills College
Oakland, CA

January 14
12-Hour Drone (11pm-midnight slot)
H0L0, Ridgewood, NY