Anastasia Clarke | AC Diamond

electronic music, performance, teaching, sound design, +++


In my recent piece Self/Work and related improv performances, the Cracklebox is both heard as an analog instrument, and harnessed as a controller for digital sound. Performer(s) must touch two or more copper touch-points simultaneously for the analog instrument to sound. Max/MSP analyzes the incoming audio signal, and the analysis data are used to control synthesis parameters, signal processing configurations, and sample playback.

Purple Cracklebox, 2017
Built in residence at Tri-Tryagain

Cyan Cracklebox, 2017
Built in residence at Tri-Tryagain

July 10, 2017
Live Presence on Know-Wave Radio with Kayla Guthrie

performance using cracklebox prototypes, instruments by Ieaskul F. Mobenthey (Mocante and Tocante Zenert), processing in Max/MSP, and material from Openings

Crackling at Blithewood