Anastasia Clarke | AC Diamond

electronic music, performance, teaching, sound design, +++



composition, words, custom instruments: Anastasia Clarke

     performance: Anastasia Clarke & Jennifer Gerry (duo) / Anastasia Clarke (solo)

Openings is a modular performance made up of related vignettes, conceived as both a duo and solo work. The salient features of Openings are its use of a light-sensing synthesizer, solo vocal monologues exploring character, and a focus on dream-work as a source of creativity and formal inspiration.

notable performances

CEMEC Festival: The Experimental Theater at University of California San Diego, April 2017
Confetti Machine Festival, Outpost Artist Resources, Ridgewood, NY: June 2017
distENDded Cinema Series, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY: July 2017
Live Presence on Know Wave Radio @ Situations Gallery, New York, NY: July 2017

Anastasia Clarke performing Openings solo
distENDed Cinema @ Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
July 11, 2017

Anastasia Clarke & Jennifer Gerry
rehearsing Openings light search section as a duo
Littlefield Concert Hall @ Mills College, Oakland, CA
April 2017