Anastasia Clarke | AC Diamond

electronic music, performance, teaching, sound design, +++



The name RES/URU/SER makes a palindrome out of the words 'resurrection' and 'user'. These are songs about attempting to erect or resurrect a good thing by funneling your lifeblood into it, while at the same time experiencing that energy being sucked back by unexpected or unforeseen forces—and the subsequent enactment of the survival instinct, the fight or flight response, and the ability to turn the situation around.

Songs by Anastasia Clarke
Released on (((Cave))) Recordings: Summer 2015.

performers/improvising participants

Anastasia Clarke – voice, electric guitar
Sandy Gordon (on recording & all concerts) – percussion/drums
Russ Alderson (on recording & some concerts) – electric bass, electronics


May 2013, two-week NE tour of US & Canada
July 2013, Prospect Range, Brooklyn, NY
September 2013, Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
October 2013, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

Silent Isle (as duo with Sandy Gordon) performing “You Can Resurrect It!”
Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
October 1, 2013
video: Barney Canson

Silent Isle (as duo with Sandy Gordon) performing RES/URU/SER
Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
September 29, 2013
video: Fire Museum Presents