Anastasia Clarke | AC Diamond

electronic music, performance, teaching, sound design, +++

scales of erosion


Three compositions for voice and guitar, with effects pedals.
Composed, performed, and recorded by Anastasia Clarke
Released as CD-R, edition of 50
Self-release (Valerian 001)

1. Upstream Salts

How do you ask yourself,
"If this were a river would I float?"
And if not, then it could be important
to build a raft:
your first system as an engineer.
2. Life in Vernal Pools

What does my electric sound sustain?
What does my electric – stain?

Cartograms – no sound to fear.

Only witnesses turning over rocks,
Long-left standing in streambeds.

What do I say to an island with no voice
caught up in rip-tide?
Tell us how you watched it wash away.
3. A Deep Undimming Light

I want to be more like you
when you go out alone
on the beach at night.
I don't need to walk beside you.

I sleep but I'm surrounded
by skunks on the beach at night.
The purple sky is haunted
with a deep undimming light.