Anastasia Clarke

sonic arts, composition & performance



SELF/WORK premieres March 8, 2018, 8pm
at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College, Oakland, CA
as a part of Signal Flow 2018.

SELF/WORK is a performance that entertains notions of labor, power, and authority in matters of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Set in a dystopian retreat center, it is engaged with doctor and charlatan, placebo and medicine, and phenomena of healing that are better explained by metaphysics than by hard science.

The sound world of the piece is deployed using an interactive performing system built from analog circuitry, Max/MSP and an sprawling interface design. I am developing this work in close collaboration with Jennifer Gerry, as my MFA thesis work at Mills College.

Slide Space 123: Test Run for SELF/WORK: The Re-Integration Station, December 3–5, 2017

“the rope fight”: Anastasia Clarke & Jennifer Gerry. Photo by Michaela Payne.

Copper touch-points, performed upon with hands and feet, extend from an analog sound-generating circuit. Touching combinations of two or more touch points results in amplitude peaks that trigger samples, synths, and envelopes in Max/MSP.

#noisepedestal — a practical response to the #noisetable. The pedestal is placed at the center of the performance space. Controllers are strapped to the top and sides of the pedestal, so that performers can have easy access.