Anastasia Clarke

electronic arts, music, and performance

Swans Lakeless is an intermedia composition woven from experience and myth that gives voice to Odin, a nonbinary amputee tenant union organizer facing eviction and organizing a rent strike along with their comrades. The story is told from the nonlinear spaces of Odin’s recovery after a traumatic incident, wherein they are assaulted by the police and held in custody for over 20 hours. The work addresses the fallout, offering reflections upon the interrelationships between shame and violence that coexist in disjointed harmony with the protagonist’s earnest explorations of radical empathy, self-healing, and a quest for transformative justice.

This Roulette showing uses the empty theater to stage Swans Lakeless as live interaction with a fixed media, which acknowledges the creators’ intentions to further iterate the work. From 2019–2020, Shannon Lumpkin, Anastasia Clarke, and Dawn Felicia Knox worked in parallel processes to develop the script, sound world, and visual terrain of the piece by compiling documentary source footage, musical performance footage, and Lumpkin’s solo performances for camera. After filming was complete, Knox then projected the video source material onto nontraditional surfaces intercepted by fields of colored light in the Star & Shadow, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The resultant work is a film of the evolving installation, mixed with raw source footage and brought to life through Clarke’s audio score, which unfolds Lumpkin’s script.

TRIGGER WARNING : This work investigates the violence of policing and PTSD as subject matter and lived reality in the wake of a specific incident. The incident will be described from multiple perspectives, and sound and video from a police officer’s body-worn camera will be shown. The timestamps between which this material occurs will be posted here prior to showtime, as well as given in a statement at the top of the program.

The process for creating and sharing this work is informed by anti-ableism, access and Disability Justice.


Anastasia Clarke, Shannon Lumpkin, Dawn Felicia Knox

Onscreen: Shannon Lumpkin
Voiceover: Anastasia Clarke, Shannon Lumpkin
with additional performances onscreen by Keiko Uenishi, Jean Carla Rodea, Daniel Carter, Jonathan Finlayson, Sandy Gordon, Anastasia Clarke, Gen Ken Montgomery, Camilla Padgitt-Coles

Story and Script: Shannon Lumpkin
Texts: Shannon Lumpkin, Jaehyun Oh (Civil Rights Attorney), New York City Comptroller, The Ministry of Lamination
Text Setting: Anastasia Clarke

Chip Chapin
Gayle Fekete (consultant)

Compositions and Sound Design: Anastasia Clarke
Sound Recordists: Anastasia Clarke, Sarah Hennies
Other Sound Source Material: Keiko Uenishi, Jean Carla Rodea, Daniel Carter, Jonathan Finlayson, Sandy Gordon, Crown Heights Tenant Union

Film: Dawn Felicia Knox
Installation: Dawn Felicia Knox
Video Source Footage: Anastasia Clarke, Shannon Lumpkin, Dawn Felicia Knox, Chip Chapin, Jon Burklund, The New York City Police Department
Technical Assistance: Star and Shadow


Van Lier Fellowship
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm
Opera House Tenant Union
Crown Heights Tenant Union
Brooklyn Eviction Defense Network
Grayhaven Motel
The Manse
Michael Kozek, Ween & Kozek
Star and Shadow
Arts Council England

Roulette’s Fall season will be presented virtually and available for free on a variety of streaming platforms. The theater is currently closed for public performances as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the safety measures that Roulette has put in place to keep staff, artists, and the public safe.

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